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General, Central Obesity Linked to Specific Breast Cancer Risk - 2017-09-20
"General and central obesity are associated with breast cancer risk, with different effects on specific subtypes, according to a study published online Sept. 14 in The Oncologist." More

Proton Pump Inhibitors Overused Worldwide - 2017-09-20
"Proton pump inhibitors are overused worldwide, with wide variation seen in the extent of inappropriate use, according to research published online Sept. 11 in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics." More

Fighting HIV on Multiple Fronts Might Lead to Vaccine - 2017-09-20
"Combination strategy fully protects lab monkeys, studies find." More

Prostate Cancer Symptoms Aren't Always Obvious - 2017-09-20
"Warning signs often confused with other conditions." More

Weight-Loss Surgery May Leave Some Anemic - 2017-09-20
"It's a common problem, but one easily solved with long-term follow-up." More

As Men's Weight Rises, Sperm Health May Fall - 2017-09-20
"But shedding pounds may bring them back to normal, researcher says." More

Health Tip: Four Common Types Of Acne - 2017-09-20
"Distinguishing between different forms" More

Fracture Risk Higher for Seniors With Diabetes - 2017-09-20
"Bone weaknesses seen in those with blood sugar disease." More

Who's Likely to Fall for Fake News? - 2017-09-20
"Trust the evidence, not your 'gut,' study suggests." More

Gun Surrender Laws Help Women Threatened by Domestic Violence - 2017-09-20
"Fewer are killed in states that mandate that firearms be removed when restraining orders filed." More

One-Quarter of Lupus Patients Have Metabolic Syndrome - 2017-09-19
"More than one-quarter of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus have metabolic syndrome, according to a review published online Aug. 29 in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases." More

Kids' Colds Linked to Asthma, Lung Problems Later - 2017-09-19
"But research is too early to confirm a cause-and-effect link." More

Gun Injuries Add Millions of Dollars to Hospital Costs - 2017-09-19
"Younger, minority Americans are most often affected, research shows ." More

ACP Does Not Support Legalization of Assisted Suicide - 2017-09-19
"The American College of Physicians does not support the legalization of physician-assisted suicide, a practice that raises ethical, clinical, and other concerns, according to a position paper published online Sept. 19 in the Annals of Internal Medicine." More

AAP: Few Doctors Provide Firearm Injury Prevention Info in ER - 2017-09-19
"Many physicians do not provide firearm injury prevention information in the emergency department, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics, held from Sept. 16 to 19 in Chicago." More

3262 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)