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Complications Up With Immediate Reconstruction After Mastectomy - 2017-07-21
"For women undergoing mastectomy, the incidence of surgical site infection and noninfectious wound complications is increased for those with immediate implant reconstruction versus delayed or secondary implant reconstruction, according to a study published online July 19 in JAMA Surgery." More

Cows May Offer Clues to an AIDS Vaccine - 2017-07-21
"Their rapid reaction to immunization makes them potential guinea pigs, study suggests." More

Here's Why a Soda With That Burger Is Especially Fattening - 2017-07-21
"High-sugar drinks combined with protein triggers extra fat storage by body, study finds." More

Donor-Sperm Kids No Different From Their Peers: Study - 2017-07-21
"Parent questionnaires revealed no physical, mental distinctions at school age." More

High-Dose Flu Shot May Help Nursing Home Residents Avoid Hospital - 2017-07-21
"Rates of all-cause admission were significantly lower for elderly who got the stronger vaccine, study found." More

Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. Adults Has Mental Illness or Drug Problem - 2017-07-21
"New Jersey is the mentally healthiest state, report finds." More

Health Tip: If Heartburn Doesn't Go Away - 2017-07-21
"Warning signs of a more serious problem " More

Blame Diabetes: Rates of 2 Nerve Conditions on the Rise - 2017-07-21
"Neurologist says one causes burning pain, the other causes problems with heart rate and blood pressure." More

Estrogen May Influence Women's Depression Risk - 2017-07-21
"Early menstruation, more frequent periods seem to make sad times less likely, researchers suggest." More

Surgery for ACL Tear Often Successful Over Long Term - 2017-07-21
"Even 10 years after procedure, many still playing sports, study finds." More

What's Ahead for Health Care Reform in 2018? - 2017-07-21
"Higher premiums, fewer choices, less time could confront consumers shopping for insurance, analysts say." More

ASCO Addresses Cancer Drug Pricing - 2017-07-20
"Noting that new cancer drugs routinely cost more than $100,000 per year, and prices on many existing treatments continue to rise, the American Society of Clinical Oncology has issued a position statement to address these financial concerns." More

EHR-Based Prompt Ups Hepatitis C Screening for Baby Boomers - 2017-07-20
"Implementation of an electronic health record-based prompt can improve hepatitis C virus screening rates among baby boomers, according to a study published online July 17 in Hepatology." More

Aspirin Responsiveness Can Change After Bariatric Surgery - 2017-07-20
"The effects of aspirin on platelet inhibition may be more potent after bariatric surgery, according to a study published online July 14 in Cardiovascular Therapeutics." More

Scans May Show Consciousness in 'Comatose' Patients - 2017-07-20
"Bedside exams often miss subtle signs that patient is 'awake,' study says." More

3147 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)