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Weight-Loss Program Aids Black Breast Cancer Survivors - 2017-06-21
"A community-based interventionist-guided weight-loss program is efficacious for early-stage African-American breast cancer survivors, according to a study published online June 15 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology." More

Causes of Serious Adverse Events in Nursing Homes Identified - 2017-06-21
"Most serious adverse events in nursing homes are caused by medication errors, falls, delayed or inappropriate interventions, and missed nursing care, according to a study published online June 15 in the Journal of Clinical Nursing." More

Suicide Risk Especially High for U.S. Farmers - 2017-06-21
"Other occupations have lower rates, study says." More

Extreme Heat in Southwest a Deadly Threat - 2017-06-21
"Here's how to protect yourself as temperatures top 120 degrees." More

Health Tip: Become an Active Family - 2017-06-21
"Small changes add up " More

Do Older Dads Produce Brainy Boys? - 2017-06-21
"Study finds their sons score high in intelligence and focus." More

Opioid-Linked Hospitalizations Rising Fastest for Women: Study - 2017-06-21
"U.S. cases rose 75 percent for females vs. 55 percent for males over a decade, study finds." More

USPSTF Concludes Screening for Obesity Beneficial for Children - 2017-06-20
"The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening for obesity in children and adolescents aged 6 years and older. These findings form the basis of a final recommendation statement published in the June 20 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association." More

Guidelines Address Peri-Op Care in Rheumatic Disease - 2017-06-20
"Guidelines have been developed for perioperative management of antirheumatic drug therapy in patients with rheumatic diseases undergoing elective total hip arthroplasty or total knee arthroplasty; the guidelines were published online June 16 in Arthritis Care & Research." More

Severe Headaches Plague Vets With Traumatic Brain Injuries - 2017-06-20
"Study finds they can last up to 11 years after initial injury." More

When Is Risk Highest for Women With Breast Cancer Gene Mutations? - 2017-06-20
"Study narrows down peak times, possibly aiding in preventive treatment decisions." More

Zika-Bearing Mosquitoes More Widespread in U.S. Than Expected - 2017-06-20
"Surveillance also caught an increase in bugs that transmit dengue and chikungunya viruses." More

Marital Status Among Factors Tied to Gout Rx Adherence - 2017-06-20
"For patients with gout, higher levels of belief about medicines, presence of comorbidity, and being married appear to increase urate-lowering therapy adherence, according to a study published online June 15 in the Journal of Clinical Nursing." More

Financial Incentives May Increase Viral Suppression in HIV - 2017-06-20
"For HIV-positive patients, financial incentives can lead to increased viral suppression, according to a study published online June 19 in JAMA Internal Medicine." More

Many Chronic Illnesses Linked to Suicide Risk - 2017-06-20
"Odds 9 times higher for people with traumatic brain injury, study suggests." More

3076 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)